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welcomeAre you an Exhibitor in quick search of personnel to host your event or exhibition?
Or are you a Hostess/Host looking for job placements on a daily basis without middlemen?

Then HostessChannel is the right choice for you!
HostessChannel provides Exhibitors with exclusive Services at competitive Prices.
On the other hand, HC makes possible profitable earnings for Trade Fair Personnel, Promoter and Service personnel!
HostessChannel is completely free for Hostess personnel and additionally you deal your pay directly with the Exhibitors.
Find out the advantages over traditional services for both Hosts and Exhibitors without compromising comfort and efficiency.

Book now your Hostess online in just 3 steps!



Search personnel available on dates and venue of your event, using profile criteria on Hosts' database



Review set-cards and select the suitable profiles from the search results



Confirm your booking choice and send your job offer directly to the selected contacts

Each contact is booked at a flat rate of 40€* without charging an hourly fee for the service to the Exhibitor, thus saving 90% over common agency costs.

We are placing Hostesses and Promotion personnel in the following major cities:


Host Personnel can sign up for the following upcoming Event:

- - in
1- 1 January 1970 from 01:00 to 01:00


Take this great opportunity to fill in your calendar with the days you are available to participate,
there are Exhibitors looking for You!
More events and Trade Exhibitions.



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(*) net of VAT, not applicable. Current promotions and conditions may apply. Hourly rate agreed with Hostess personnel not included.


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