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- Book a Hostess for free for each new Exhibitor member! By suggesting HC to other non-member Exhibitors, you will receive 1CP (Credit Point)(*) valid for booking 1 Hostess. The new Exhibitors have to use your User-ID number when registering. Inside your account you can find the direct link to send invitations via email to your friends. The offer is restricted to Exhibitor registrations.

(*) Credit is added upon completion of first credit purchase by the referred new member.

Registration costs:

There are no registration costs for both Hostess and Exhibitor subscriptions.

Service costs:

HostessChannel services are free of charge for Hostesses.

As an Exhibitor you can search into the Hostess database at no extra cost too. However you have to buy Credit Points (CP) if you wish to proceed contacting Hostesses.

label1CP = 40€ are spent to book each selected Hostess.



Details about credit:

Credit is represented as whole points. One Credit Point (1CP) costs 40€. There is no minimum number of credit points to deposit, however no fraction of credit points is admissible. This means credit can only be paid in 40€-units.
Pre-paid credit is purchased with safe, easy global payments and the HostessChannel Guarantee.

Secure PaymentSecure Payment:

Bank TransferPayPal

checkCredit is only used if booking requests are accepted by the chosen Host(s). This means if an Exhibitor is looking for 3 hostesses for the duration of a 5-day event but only 2 hostesses will accept his offer, then the credit amount actually spent will be only for the 2 Hosts who accept the enquiry.
Also note that the event duration does not contribute to the price calculation.

Advantages for both:

As a comparison Exhibitors are usually charged by the agency 20 to 25 Euro per each working hour and per single hostess. But the actual salary of a hostess is in fact about the half of this amount. This way, considering an usual 8-hour workday, that makes an average of about 10€ on top of each hourly pay per single hostess. The commission for the Exhibitor due to the Agency would be:
90percent - 2(hostesses) x 8(hours) x 10(€) x 5(days) = 800€ !
whereas with HostessChannel the total cost of the service would be:
- 2(hostesses) x 1(CP) = 2 Credit Points, equivalent to 80€
hence with HostessChannel the Exhibitor has the possibility to reduce his expenses due for the middleman fee up to 90% and over(**)!

hostessNote that Exhibitor's credit is spent only when the chosen people accept your offer. In addition the agreement on the hourly pay is already met since it is included in the request form when selecting the Hostess so the whole process is very quick. Please note that the credit must be sufficient to cover the number of desired contacts in order to send the request(s).

Moreover there are obvious advantages for Hostesses too since if they were using an agency their pay will be fixed by the agency and it will be just a fraction of what they earn from Exhibitors.


- The price is independent from the number of days the hostess will work for the exhibitor.
- There is no specific time limit for using the remaining credit as long as your subscription is still active.
- The Exhibitor's Credit is not used to pay Hostesses directly, this is to be settled by the Exhibitor to the Hostess independently from HostessChannel.
- All prices are shown net of VAT. VAT not applicable.

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(**) the calculation assumes a 8-hour working day for a 5-day event. However the saving will increase even more with the duration of the event.


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