The company and its history

HostessChannel logoHostessChannel springs in 2010 from the idea of a young international team with previous experience in the trade fair business in Germany together with personnel with a technical background on web applications and people operating in the international advertising. The company headquarters is based in Berlin, the website is therefore also available in German language under as well as with the .com domain.

Our mission, your success

The mission of HostessChannel is to establish and maintain the missing link (the Channel, precisely) between the two different but symbiotic professional worlds of Hosts/Hostesses from one side and the Exhibitors on the other. This is accomplished without setting conditions on their mutual agreements and leaving as much freedom of choice as possible to each party. By creating a direct communication channel we help fulfil a fundamental human right for liberty and ease when establishing business contacts. Giving our customers just what they need, quickly and easily.


HostessChannel services are currently available in four european languages but planning development to support more countries in the future.

HostessChannel logo
HostessChannel is an Ideas on Wire production, you can find more details about legal notice and the company definition in the Terms of Use.



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