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For Exhibitor membership, pre-paid Credit has to be purchased in order to send booking requests. The needed Credit Points will be checked on the HC credit balance at the time of forwarding the request, but only charged from the pre-paid amount when the booking is completed, that is after the selected Hostess confirms availability and accepts offer conditions. If the booking request is rejected by the Hostess or cancelled by the Exhibitor before being accepted, no credit will be charged.

You can buy credit using the following payment methods:

Secure PaymentSecure Payment:

Bank Transfer Bank transfer using your regular Bank Account
PayPal Online PayPal transaction


Credit is represented in Credit Points (CP). One CP costs 40€* (EUR).
To proceed with the purchase, please log in with your Exhibitor's account.

If you are not a registered user yet, you can subscribe here. Membership is free!

Also read the FAQ and Prices section or feel free to contact us, should you require more information.

Special Offers:

New! 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can try out our platform and buy credit points to complete your bookings. If you are not satisfied with our online booking system, contact us within 14 days and we will refund the money for the credits you have paid, subject to the following conditions:

1) Refund is not possible if credit has been used already, i.e. if selected host(s) have already accepted your booking request(s).
2) The 14-day timeframe begins on credits purchase date.
3) Refund policy only applies to purchased credits. No refund for Bonus Credits, e.g. resulting from current promotions.
4) Money will be refunded within 7 business days.
5) PayPal payments will be credited back on your PayPal account.
6) For bank transfers, the refund currency is EUR (€).
7) Refund of tax or any transaction fee due to the money transfer operator is excluded.


(*) net of VAT, not applicable. Current promotions and conditions may apply.


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