Our Workflow, quick and easy

Step 1

Hostesses set their own availability calendar with the days they want to be contacted for job offers, in each city they are able to attend. Optionally they can also set a desired pay rate.

Step 2

Exhibitors can search in the database for free Hostesses on the requested days filtering the results with specific profile criteria according to their event requirements.

Step 3

After reviewing the Hostesses' set-card and experience, the Exhibitor can select the ones to book for each day...


...specifying an offer and the required conditions for the event.

Step 4

The job proposal is sent via email to the Hostesses who can review the offer and confirm the date online.

Step 5

Only if the request is accepted, the corresponding credit will be debited on the Exhibitor's behalf and Hostess contact details will become visible for further agreements if necessary.

Done! That's all the user has to do to complete a booking. The system updates the availability calendar accordingly.
  calendar updated
Follow up Both Hostesses and Exhibitors can keep track of their current bookings and requests.
Advantages for Exhibitors:
  • No hourly fee charged. A fixed cost per each Host who accepts the request is applied instead, with no time limits
  • Contact details are made available in order to allow private negotiations
  • The system is available 24/7 and comfortably from your PC
  • Direct access to the database, with the maximum flexibility of the search criteria.
  for Hosts:
  • The payment is agreed and settled directly with the Exhibitor without intermediation
  • No deduction on the hourly rate due to the middleman
  • Booking requests and availability can be managed online for each calendar day
  • The service is completely free

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